How to Get Your Business On Google

Not Having Your Business On Google Is The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake You Can Make

Worldwide nearly 4 billion people use Google. In the U.S., there are 246 million unique users. That’s exactly 75% of America using Google. Those are probably your coworkers, customers, business contacts, and even business rivals.

Google has firmly controlled the search market share just about since its inception. Google’s current global market share is 92% while I’m writing this article. Google’s American search market share is about 61%. So, while Bing and Verizon Media search are not irrelevant, Google has been the leader.

You can safely assume that your target audience is on Google (unless perhaps your target audience is 100% the silent generation). And they are motivated and searching for your business or your keywords. You need to be able to be found!

Because Google makes almost all of its revenue through search and display network advertising, Google provides its search services for free!

There is no reason people can’t Google your business today! We just need to get you online!

Setup Google My Business

Step 1. If your business it already listed on Google, either from you or some other way, but you haven’t claimed your business, click here. Search for your business and claim it.

Step 2. If your business is not yet listed on Google, we need to add ourselves.

Step 3. Type in the name of your business.

Step 4. Find and select your business category.

Step 5. Choose whether or not you would like to add a location. In my case, I would not. However, if you have a brick and mortar store where most of your customers visit your store, and you would benefit traffic using Google Maps, definitely add your location.

Step 6. Select where you serve your customers.

Step 7. Select your region.

Step 8. Enter your contact phone number and website.

Step 9. Opt in or out of update and recommendations.

Step 10. Finish and manage your listing!

Now you are setup on Google!

You can use Google my business to view and manage data, posts, insights, reviews, photos, your logo, and even use this as your hub for advertising on Google.

Thank you sincerely for reading! My name is Evan River Welch. I’m a digital marketing learner with Simplilearn, a professional skills bootcamp provider. Feel welcome to write any comments that popped up for you. And do not hesitate to contact me!

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