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Is Combin Legit Or a Risky Scam

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After using Combin, did Instagram detect unrecognized activity on your account and log you out? Do you worry about the safety of your account?

Combin to me provides an incredibly useful service. The best days of my 1-month-old Instagram account happened when I used a follow-for-follow strategy to spread my account’s reach. Combin should be able to help me return to using this strategy.

What is the Follow for Follow Strategy on Instagram?

The strategy is simple. Go to related accounts and posts similar to your account. Find who follows and engages with related accounts.

Chances are good they would follow and engage with you if only there was a way to get on their radar. But there is!

Simply follow them and they will get the notification that you’ve followed them and a lot of times they will check out your profile and if they’re interested follow you back!

I’ve seen massive results from this strategy leading to profile visits which lead to tons of extra engagement!

But you can only follow about 200 users per hour because of limits Instagram imposes.

How Does Combin Growth Help by Unfollowing

The problem with using this strategy is that while you can follow users you will enjoy a steady stream of new impressions, profile visits, bonus engagement, and follow-backs, once you hit a certain number of follows on your account (for me it was 6.5k) Instagram will limit your ability to follow any more accounts. Effectively cutting you off from this strategy.

Not everyone you follow will follow you back. About 88% of the accounts I followed didn’t follow me back.

If your intention for following in the first place was to find new followers, there’s no reason to continue following these accounts! That is where Combin comes in.

Unfollowing manually is a very tedious and slow process. Instagram limits how many accounts you can unfollow at once. Also, it’s very inconvenient and time consuming to check whether a account follows you before deciding to unfollow them. Instagram doesn’t have a magic unfollow button to flush all the non-reciprocating accounts away.

In fact I spent a whole hour scrolling a clicking the unfollow button only to find at the end of it that my following count hardly moved! Instagram obviously wasn’t allowing me to unfollow these accounts. I felt stuck with these 6.5k follows, only 18% actually following me back.

In comes automation. Using your account, Combin can determine which accounts you follow that don’t follow you back. Then Combin can automate certain tasks on your behalf, like unfollowing users who don’t follow you. You can download Combin here. In the Combin app, go to Users -> Following -> Not Followers.

Here you find all the people you’ve followed but didn’t return the favor. Now you can click select all at the bottom and click the unfollow icon. Now Combin automatically unfollow these users slowly bit by bit, freeing you up to find new prospects. As opposed to when I manually unfollowed from my phone app, I can actually see my following count decrease.

What’s the Catch?

Automation is prohibited by the terms of services of Instagram. I don’t know how they realistically expect me to unfollow 5.8k accounts myself when they won’t fulfill my request to unfollow accounts when I click the button. I suppose they expect me to rarely unfollow other accounts.

51 unfollows into using Combin, Instagram logged my out of my account on my computer. The reason for this is they saw unusual activity from my account, no doubt on Combin’s part.

Another thing is that my most recent post, my first post after using Combin to automate unfollowing for me, has had unusually low engagement. Here it is:

Perhaps it’s just a phycological thing, where I just expect better results than I deserve because I am biased toward myself. I will keep my finger on the pulse.

I have a healthy account with 27 posts 728 followers and a 17.5% engagement rate. I have not used automation of any kind (save post scheduling apps) so I feel that I am in a safe place to continue using and experimenting with Combin. Not to mention the follow-for-follow strategy has shown me my biggest results and so I’m heavily motivated to find a way to follow more users.

1 Day into Using Combin, I Was Locked Out of My Account

After using Combin for 1 day, I unfollowed 351 users, which I am pleased with. But I still have a long way to go.

However, I was locked out and Instagram made me change my password. That’s a red flag! It one point I doubted if I even still owned my account!

Here Combin calls follow-unfollow an outdated “robotic” strategy. Perhaps, Combin is not the solution I thought it was. And the follow-unfollow strategy is not a safe path to success.

“In order to ensure security, users must utilize Combin functionality with caution. Growing the audience with outdated “robotic” strategies (follow-unfollow), using actions aggressively (frequent assignment of multiple tasks to thousands of actions, especially with Risky intensity) and sending spam-like comments (requests to visit a site or profile, one-word compliments, sets of emoji) can have ominous effects that Combin cannot prevent or control.”

Combin FAQ

Combin also states that Instagram prohibits automation (a notion I had already pick up on). They go on to say that sometimes even Instagram’s algorithm gets ahead of Combin and Combin’s team needs time to adapt. Further, they decline to take responsibility for consequences caused by using their software.

Instagram, on the other hand, prohibits activity automation. It regularly introduces new rules, algorithms and restrictions aimed at eliminating the automation. Depending on the complexity of the next changes, Combin team may need time to adapt the application. Combin is not responsible for force majeure circumstances created by Instagram and their consequences.

Combin FAQ


Combin is risky depending on what you want to do with it. However, Combin didn’t steal my account. I don’t think Combin is a scam. Combin is more like a black-ish grey hat software tool for Instagram.

Automation is against Instagram’s terms of service. So it’s a risky endeavor.

Though I do love the dashboard, how it automatically calculates the engagement rate

Also Combin categorizes the users I follow who do not follow me back which is also a very helpful.

In conclusion, mixed. Combin doesn’t really seem to serve my purposes without getting me banned which obviously defeats the purpose.

Thank you sincerely for reading! My name is Evan River Welch. I’m a digital marketing learner with Simplilearn, a professional skills bootcamp provider. Feel welcome to write any comments that popped up for you. And do not hesitate to contact me!

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