What is Marketing? Marketing vs Advertisements

Marketing involves aligning your product, brand message, platform or location, and price with your target customer.

Historically, marketing has been as ambitious as influencing an entire country to start driving automobiles. In 1926, the Michelin Tire Company Published their Michelin Guide book rating restaurants and hotels all over France with the goal of making automobile use more widespread in France, with a side emphasis on using Michelin brand rubber tires.

This is an example of content marketing. Content marketing is providing entertaining, inspiring, feel-good, or informational content to attract a specific audience.

Marketing can also be as simple as courting your competitors customers because they already have identified themselves to be interested in your product or service.

What Does Marketing Commonly Refer To

Commonly, marketing refers to advertising. Advertising is broadcasting a message via a paid medium to a specified audience. For example, watching advertisements between shows on TV. Or seeing billboards on the side of the highway.

Marketing Is So Much More Than Advertisements

Just because advertisements are the most obvious form of marketing, doesn’t mean that’s all marketing is, nor does it necessarily mean that advertisements are the most effective form of marketing.

What you decide on what your logo should look like is a marketing decision.

If you decide to sell at your local farmer’s market or with Amazon instead of opening a brick and mortar store, that is a marketing decision.

The biggest business decisions you’ll ever make—who is your target customer—is a marketing decision.

Marketing is an essential, non-negotiable element of any business.

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