What I Learned from SE-Ranking My Website

What happens when you don’t do keyword research and strategize your blog posts? I’ll tell you!

Ever heard the saying, “chase two rabbits, catch neither?” If you don’t know what your chasing, you can’t do it effectively.

For the first time I just got access to the SERP page data for my targeted keywords. It’s a slap in the face.

Of my 17 articles, only 1 is in the top 5 on a SERP! And the keyword it appears for has no search traffic!

I’m trying to follow Tim Ferris’ advice to follow long tail keywords. But I’m sure that doesn’t mean follow no traffic keywords!

This is part of my learning process.

I need to strategize my articles better. My article needs to be a seamless and relevant transition from the mirco-moment that got the searcher searching in the first place.

I need to do more meticulous keyword research. Neil Patel says top articles often target 70 keywords.

I need to verify that they have traffic before writing for keywords in the future.

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