Experiential Learning Needs to Have a Chance at Reaching its Full Potential

In order for experiential learning or “learning by doing” to be valuable, your intention should be to make a final product. Even when the primary purpose you have in a project is to learn about it by working on it, still you should strive for the final product to be functional and what stakeholders would expect. It’s so easy to say that “this time is just for practice, I don’t care about the results” and let yourself off the hook. Yet I think this thinking falls short of the principle. The principle is to learn by trial and error where you experience feedback to fuel your improvement. If you pick and choose where you can & can’t make mistakes (because you don’t even measure since you’ve decided “it doesn’t count”), you will miss out on the full picture, and the full principle of engaging in difficulty in order to have effortful long-lasting learning based on feedback. 

I’ve felt strongly about long-lasting, effortful learning for the last year. This post is certainly serves as a reminder to myself that I need to shoot to succeed in projects in the real world so that the knowledge I gain will be high quality, long-lasting & memorable, and will help me and those around me. This is the model I plan on using to develop this website. Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think about my thoughts if any comments came to mind while you were reading my post!

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