The Article About Writing Papers I Wish I Read

Everybody hates writing papers. Everybody dreads them. Everybody complains about them.

Yet, when we’re with friends commenting on a TV show, everybody wants to be heard! Everybody wants to air their opinions. You can’t get people to stop!

This makes no sense. I think this is a genuine misunderstanding by most of society.

Writing is Thought Expressed

If you can’t write it, you probably don’t understand it. Put another way, if your writing is scattered, your thoughts probably are scattered. And your thoughts create the life you live.

Clarity of thought is not something reserved only for nerds and librarians! Being able to think clearly is a prized and desirable ability. The football captain wants to think clearly about the game. The artist wants to enter a state of flow when creating new things. Every businessman wants to think keenly about their business and how to improve it.

“Nothing so sharpens the thought process as writing down one’s arguments,” Hyman Rickover, father of America’s Nuclear Navy.

Somehow I didn’t understand this attachment between thinking and writing for my entire school career. Before you can communicate, you have to think. Learning to communicate is undistinguishable from learning to think.

Writing is not different from

Writing a Paper is the Same as Writing a Blog, is the Same as Making a YouTube Video

Fundamentally, writing is communicating. And everybody loves to communicate! Tough guys like to communicate that they’re tough; even shy girls like people to know they’re shy. Everybody desires to communicate.

What is writing? I never got this! Writing is just written word. It’s very simple! It is the same as writing a text message.

When you’re writing a paper, it’s still just written word with more formality and clearer purpose (and sadly maybe on a topic which you care nothing about).

When you watch the news, YouTube, a movie, a TV show, someone wrote the words you are hearing! It’s not bland at all. It’s vital to functioning in a society, vital to getting a job, vital to having a love life.

Words Are the Basis of Communication Which is Vital to All Facets of Life

Good communicators are not nerds. They are highly successful in business, politics, entertainment, and other things they focus their minds on. Good communicators are celebrities, actors, directors, business-people, and best-selling authors.

Good communicators are one of the biggest reasons we are out of the dark ages!

I don’t know when learning communication fell out of vogue, but I think it should be reclaimed.

It took me reading quite a few books to realized:

Best-Selling Authors Don’t Care if They Start a Sentence With “And”

The number one thing my English teachers got wrong is not allowing us to start a sentence with “and.” After reading a few best-selling business books, I realized that they did not care if they started a sentence with “and”! They don’t care! And if long-form, best-selling books don’t benefit from avoiding starting a sentence with “and”, what is this rule preparing students for?

Do readers care if you use one word paragraphs? No! In fact, I prefer them. I think in many ways it improves readability (especially readability on mobile devices), which is a topic I wish my English teachers taught.

My English teachers emphasized to write between 3-5 sentences per paragraph. Never telling me why. Each sentence should have a name. You need a topic sentence, 2-3 supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence for each paragraph. First, no. And second, why?

Who speaks like that? Who wants to read that? If you have a question like when are my taxes due, do you care if the second sentence that answers your question starts with the word “and” or if they answer your question in 2 sentences instead of 3? No!

English Teachers are Teachers Not Best-Selling Authors. Which Would You Prefer to Be?

Teachers deserve to be treated nicely. And they deserve respect, like all people deserve respect.

But you can buy your way into a teaching job. Anyone can spend the money (or take out the debt) it takes to attend and graduate college.

The writers who earn their way into writing operate using a different set of rules. They focus on their goal. Whether its to inspire, inform, sell, terrify, or entertain, they focus on their meaning. Their methods are important only to that end.

Writing is successful if it pleases or delights the audience. If a advertiser anticipates your needs and make their message visible and appealing to you, they are practicing good writing.

When a novelist expands your mind or soothes your spirit, that is good writing.

Writing Essays Can Be So Much More Than Turning in a Paper for a Grade

Writing papers does not need to be boring, dreadful, or irrelevant.

Writing is a chance to truly think about thinking. Or even to think about your own thinking.

Writing an essay is just a more formal form of communication. Everyone takes pleasure in communicating; writing is just a different avenue of communication.

Writing can benefit anyone by honing in their thinking. From your thinking, you can improve your logic, your decisions, your communication, and thus your goals, your business, and your relationships.

Writing is not about grammar and the other details your English teacher harped on. Writing is about conveying meaning to your audience and to yourself. Writing is profoundly insightful, helpful, and the basis of sound thinking.

Thank you sincerely for reading! My name is Evan River Welch. I’m a digital marketing learner with Simplilearn, a professional skills bootcamp provider. Feel welcome to write any comments that popped up for you. And do not hesitate to contact me!

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